Today, we proudly announce a strategic partnership with leading Web3 security company, OpenZeppelin, as an Affiliate Partner providing early access to Defender 2.0. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in enhancing the security of Web3 protocols and decentralized applications.

At the heart of our partnership is OpenZeppelin's Defender 2.0, a mission-critical developer security platform to code, audit, deploy, monitor, and operate blockchain applications. As proud Affiliate Partners and official resellers of Defender 2.0, we are taking the lead in delivering advanced security solutions to developers and enterprises.

"Becoming an Affiliate Partner of OpenZeppelin is a significant milestone for us. This collaboration combines our deep technical expertise with the robust Defender 2.0, equipping us to tackle evolving security challenges within the Web3 space," said Brian Newhard, CEO of Arbitrary Execution.

Interested in protecting your Web3 protocol with holistic security solutions? Contact us today for early access to OpenZeppelin's Defender 2.0 through Arbitrary Execution.

Meet OpenZeppelin Defender 2.0

OpenZeppelin Defender has helped over 15,000 blockchain developers secure and automate their smart contracts since first launching in October 2020. Top protocol teams like Compound and Matter Labs use Defender to strengthen their security posture.

The new Audit module in Defender 2.0

The new Defender 2.0 includes additional modules to help developers manage smart contracts with increased security throughout the development life cycle.

  • Secure Code: Automated code analysis on every PR to identify potential vulnerabilities including dependencies, reentrancy attack vectors, and external calls. 
  • Secure Audit: Track audit issues and resolutions, communicate directly with auditors, and get actionable insights to prepare for an audit.
  • Secure Deploy: Automated features to deploy and upgrade your contracts with security best practices like test deployments, bytecode verification, and relayers.
  • Monitor, Respond, and Operate: Full visibility into the risks and behaviors of your smart contract, along with incident response tools to react quickly.

OpenZeppelin Defender 2.0 is an important step in their mission to protect the open economy, which aligns perfectly with Arbitrary Execution’s mission of protecting the decentralized future with comprehensive security solutions.

We’re partnering with OpenZeppelin to bring Defender 2.0 to protocols in the Web3 space with exclusive early access. Our team of security experts and auditors can work with you at every phase of the development life cycle to implement and maximize the benefits of Defender 2.0.

Shared Vision for Strengthening Web3 Security

For more than two years, Arbitrary Execution and OpenZeppelin have been working together in areas like auditing and monitoring, while sharing knowledge, expertise, and a vision for enhancing Web3 security. This alliance isn't just a step forward; it's the culmination of a long-standing collaboration that has laid the foundation for a united approach to addressing the security challenges in Web3.

The partnership combines OpenZeppelin's reputation as a Web3 security pioneer with Arbitrary Execution's holistic security approach to proactively address vulnerabilities and emerging threats in the dynamic Web3 landscape.

Collaborating with Arbitrary Execution has been remarkable over the past two years. Their expertise in audits, monitoring, and incident response aligns seamlessly with OpenZeppelin's commitment to excellence. Looking forward to continuing this journey as one of our first trusted affiliate partners and resellers of OpenZeppelin's Defender 2.0. — Galo Tocagni, VP of Professional Services at OpenZeppelin

Looking Ahead: Building a Secure Web3 Future

As the Web3 ecosystem continues to expand, the importance of security remains paramount. The partnership between Arbitrary Execution and OpenZeppelin ushers in a new era of Web3 security collaboration, demonstrating their commitment to strengthening the decentralized landscape and safeguarding user data, assets, and trust within this evolving digital frontier.

Ready to take your Web3 security to the next level? Contact us today to learn more about our auditing, monitoring, and security retainer services, and how you can get early access to Defender 2.0.

About Arbitrary Execution

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