Limited Availability: Accepting Only 5 More Retainer Clients for Our Premium Web3 Security Service

The Web3 ecosystem is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and as it does, so do the threats that lurk in the shadows. Decentralized applications, smart contracts, and blockchain ecosystems bring new dimensions of value and efficiency, yet they also create entry points for malicious actors seeking to exploit these opportunities.

We understand the dilemma that every Web3 protocol faces – how to create the decentralized future, while shielding it from threats and attacks. Audits are a step in the right direction to securing projects, but they have their own limitations. Audits only assess a project at a snapshot in time.

As pioneers in the field of Web3 security, we are proud to unveil our solution to this pressing issue: the Security Retainer.

With our Security Retainer, we're taking your Web3 security to the next level. Our blockchain security retainer service offers a proactive and comprehensive approach that perfectly aligns with the dynamic nature of the Web3 ecosystem. Our team of security experts work with you at every stage of the development life cycle to protect your protocol against the evolving threat landscape.

Why Are We Only Accepting 5 More Security Retainer Clients?

To maintain exceptional service quality, we're limiting our intake to only 5 more security retainer clients at this time. This choice guarantees that each client receives the attention and expertise they deserve. Our focus is delivering premium security solutions tailored to your unique Web3 projects, and this limited availability ensures that commitment is upheld. If you’re ready to upgrade your security, contact us now to get started.

Web3 Secure Development Life Cycle: A Holistic Framework

At Arbitrary Execution, we understand that security is not a one time thing, but instead a continuous, holistic strategy. That's why we've created the Web3 Secure Development Life Cycle, tailored to the unique challenges of Web3 security. Our Security Retainer applies the Web3 SDLC, ensuring security throughout your project's life cycle.

The Web3 SDLC includes four phases:

  • Design Phase: Securely architect and evaluate all project ideas in terms of systemic risk. At this phase, you can collaborate with us to integrate security into your Web3 protocol’s architecture, ensuring your design is sound and minimizing vulnerabilities from the start.
  • Develop Phase: Transform ideas into secure implementations. At this phase, our experts work closely with your team to implement secure coding practices and conduct rigorous testing, including changeset reviews and static/dynamic analysis, to identify potential weaknesses.
  • Deploy Phase: Implement and automate secure, consistent processes for code deployment and upgrades. Here, we help you launch your Web3 project in a secure environment, minimizing exposure to threats.
  • Defend Phase: Continuously monitor the live system for operational irregularities and vulnerabilities. Our Security Retainer provides ongoing monitoring and response, and continuous security updates to keep your Web3 protocol safe and defend against evolving security risks.

Security Retainer Overview

Our Security Retainer empowers your Web3 protocol with comprehensive security measures regardless of what stage your project is at in the development life cycle:

  • Changeset Reviews: We meticulously review new code changes to ensure that security considerations are integrated into every aspect of your development process and catch bugs early.
  • Penetration Testing: Our experts will conduct persistent, ongoing simulated attacks on your protocol to evaluate its security defenses in the same manner a real-world attacker would.
  • Unit Test Review and Development: Our team will review and develop unit tests for your smart contracts and web3 applications to ensure proper functionality and security.
  • Monitoring and Response: We provide custom monitoring to detect and respond to threats and anomalous behavior.
  • Design Consulting: Our security experts collaborate with you during the design phase of the development life cycle to ensure security best practices are taken into account.
  • Security Advising: Benefit from ongoing security advising, ensuring your team is informed about emerging threats and best practices to mitigate them.
  • Customized Security Strategy: We understand that every Web3 project is unique. Our team will work closely with you to develop a tailored security strategy that aligns with your specific goals and requirements.

Advantages of a Security Partner on Retainer

In a rapidly evolving Web3 ecosystem, a security partner on retainer is a strategic imperative. As Web3 technologies reshape how we interact with data and transactions, a proactive and agile security strategy becomes vital. With our Security Retainer, you gain more than just experts; you gain a vigilant team protecting your protocol, funds, and users. By partnering with us, security becomes integral to your Web3 journey, allowing you to grow with confidence.

"At Arbitrary Execution, our mission is to protect the decentralized future with comprehensive security solutions. Through our Security Retainer, we offer not just expertise, but peace of mind – the assurance that a team of dedicated professionals is standing guard, allowing you to focus on everything else,” says Brian Newhard, CEO at Arbitrary Execution.

Join Us in a Secure Web3 Future

The Web3 landscape is full of potential, and Arbitrary Execution ensures that potential is realized on your timeline without compromising security. With our Security Retainer, you gain a security team that’s with you every step of the way.

Ready to elevate your Web3 security? Contact us today to learn about our Security Retainer, its alignment with the Web3 SDLC, and how it empowers your decentralized journey. Together, let's build a secure, vibrant, and limitless Web3 future.

About Arbitrary Execution

Arbitrary Execution (AE) is an engineering-focused organization that specializes in securing decentralized technology. Our team of security researchers leverage their offensive security expertise, tactics, techniques, and hacker mindset to help secure the crypto ecosystem. We have experience with a myriad of different security topics and standards. For more information on Arbitrary Execution's blockchain security services, contact Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for updates on our latest projects and blog posts.