We are super excited to announce that we are sponsoring the largest Web3 #BUIDLathon in the world, ETHDenver, on February 24 - March 5, 2023.

ETHDenver is a gathering of developers, innovators, and thought leaders from around the world who are passionate about Web3, Ethereum, and decentralized technology. It is an opportunity for attendees to learn from experts, network with their peers, and collaborate on new and exciting projects.

As a sponsor, Arbitrary Execution is committed to supporting the growth and development of the Web3 ecosystem. Our company provides comprehensive security solutions for Web3 protocols, helping to ensure the security and reliability of these innovative new technologies.

“We are continually impressed with the speed of innovation and development coming from Web3 protocol teams, and our job as security experts is to ensure the safety and increase user confidence of these systems.  We are ready to start sharing the insights we have learned through the smart contract audits we have completed as a team,” says Brian Newhard, CEO of Arbitrary Execution.

At ETHDenver, we will showcase our latest security offerings and provide insights on up-to-date security trends and developments in the industry. Our team of experts will be available to answer questions and chat with you about how to secure your protocol.

We are excited to be a part of this incredible event and look forward to connecting with the Web3 community. If you're attending ETHDenver, be sure to stop by Booth 561 in Devtopia and meet the Arbitrary Execution team!