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Secure your code with a comprehensive security assessment

features & benefits

Your smart contract audit partnership

Protect your protocol, your code, your users, and your reputation

Comprehensive security assessment

Find vulnerabilities, identify threats, secure code, and dig into the specifics of your protocol

Manual code review

Minimum of two security researchers reviewing your codebase line by line

Automated analysis

Uncover common problems automatically, enabling more time for manual code review by auditors

Additional expertise

Expertise in traditional software systems, off-chain components, and blockchain technology

Collaborative audit process

We work closely with your team throughout the audit engagement

Fix review

Ensure code changes don’t introduce new security issues

Use cases

Why you need a smart contract audit

Completing a security audit of your smart contracts helps ensure your code is secure and works as intended

Uncover security vulnerabilities in your code before launch...

so you can launch a secure product on time

Trusted third-party evaluation of your smart contracts…

so you can have peace of mind and not worry about security

Provide security expertise for your team...

so you can integrate security throughout the development life cycle

Review upgrades and new features...

so you can continue growing your successful product

Evaluate your code from a hacker’s mindset...

so you feel confident in your code


Custom security plan for your protocol

Designed to provide you with security solutions customized for the needs and requirements of your unique protocol


Meet with our team to discuss your needs


Get a custom security plan just for you


Best security experience
Have a trusted security partner by your side


What our customers are saying

Arbitrary Execution was a key development partner for Forta and its users, developing many of the early bots running on the network. Their team is thorough, and the work product was always high quality.

Andrew B.

Ecosystem Lead at Forta Foundation

Arbitrary Execution exceeded our expectations with our engagement for Milkomeda smart contracts. Their expertise, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service resulted in secure and well-protected code. We highly recommend them for any smart contract security needs.

Nicolas Arqueros

Co-founder & Core Contributor of the Milkomeda Protocol

Case Studies

Providing smart contract audits for top protocols

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Gamma Case Study

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Aztec Case Study

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$DAI Deposited


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