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Advanced Smart Contract Security Course

High-quality security training designed to upgrade your skills

Course Benefits

Expert smart contract security training

Take a deep dive into advanced smart contract security topics in a convenient online course


Blockchain security concepts

Practice in areas including exploiting data structures in the EVM and abusing upgradeability methods


Hands-on labs

Get experience with CTF challenges and real-world exercises that replicate historical hacks


Superior course material

Gain a deep understanding of smart contract security and best practices with high-quality course material


Expert instructors

Learn from expert instructors who are current security researchers and auditors


Upgrade your skills

Designed specifically for Solidity developers, security researchers, and smart contract auditors


Live course instruction

Learn in a live instruction online environment so you can ask questions and get help when you need it

our grads

Companies where our grads work


What our students are saying

I am really happy with the teachings of the course. You guys were clear and had patience. Thank you very much for everything!

Course Graduate

January 2022

This was a great course! I really think the level of detail is spot on, and the labs were very helpful in driving in the points.

Course Graduate

June 2022

This is a very good security class. We covered a lot of material in a short amount of time and learned a ton.

Course Graduate

January 2022

Training Partners

Our training partners

Partnering with top companies in the Web3 and security space to provide high-quality training

Meet your instructor

Chris Masden is a smart contract auditor who previously worked as a security researcher at ManTech and Oceans Edge. He transitioned from a traditional VR role that focused on ARM/ARM64 platforms to the exciting world of blockchain research. Chris brings traditional vulnerability research knowledge and expertise to this new emerging technology.

Course Description

Course daily schedule


Day 1 - Web3 Fundamentals

Attendees will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of blockchains and Ethereum.


Day 2 - Smart Contracts and Vulnerability Research (VR)

Students will learn about the vulnerability classes in smart contracts, and the VR workflow for finding bugs in code.


Day 3 - Hack Reproduction and Advanced Topics

Exercises will focus on reproducing historical hacks and explaining the underlying vulnerabilities that make them possible.


Day 4 - Hack Reproduction and Advanced Topics, Part 2

Students will reproduce more historical hacks and dive deeper into the underlying vulnerabilities.


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