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Security Solutions Powering Web3

We bring the hacker’s mindset and decades of traditional security experience to securing Web3

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Use Cases

Protecting the decentralized future

Security services across a variety of use cases


We provide security solutions that are designed for DeFi to protect your funds, your users, and your reputation from malicious activity.

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We offer ecosystem security services for layer 1 and layer 2 networks to keep your decentralized platform and projects secure.

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Our expert security services can find vulnerabilities in infrastructure like node providers, API gateways, and hardware and software wallets.

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Staking contracts

Make sure your math checks out and rewards are only for users who have earned them.

Tokenized assets

Be certain your assets behave the way you expect them to, whether they are fungible, non-fungible, or nonstandard.


We have the Web2 and Web3 expertise to evaluate bridge systems to ensure your funds stay safe.


Let us double-check your algorithmic and backed stablecoins to ensure your asset truly stays stable.


We can evaluate your project and teach you the best practices for securing your personal digital assets.


From firmware contributions to Trezor, to a deep understanding of EIP-4337, we have the expertise to evaluate hardware wallets, software wallets, and everything in between.

Case Studies

Providing security expertise for various use cases

Milkomeda Case Study

Audit Engagements




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Gamma Case Study

Findings Resolved




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Aztec Case Study

Findings Resolved


$DAI Deposited


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What our customers are saying

Arbitrary Execution was a key development partner for Forta and its users, developing many of the early bots running on the network. Their team is thorough, and the work product was always high quality.

Andrew B.

Ecosystem Lead at Forta Foundation

Arbitrary Execution exceeded our expectations with our engagement for Milkomeda smart contracts. Their expertise, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service resulted in secure and well-protected code. We highly recommend them for any smart contract security needs.

Nicolas Arqueros

Co-founder & Core Contributor of the Milkomeda Protocol

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